Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kaw Kaw - KAW!

Kaw in essence is a typical Malaysian coined term - "kaw" - is pronounced as "kaau" with more emphasis on the aaa part and low tune. Some say it is a chinese term - hokkien or hakka? I am not too sure about it...the origins of this terms is a mystery.

But go to any local old fashioned coffee shop and you can hear this terms every few minutes. Some patrons like it my dad, who graduated from kopi O to a kopi O "Kaw"...some of you who are not familiar with malaysia might ask - what is kaw?

Well, kaw in essence is more concentrated...lebih kaw.....the malays, chinese even indians used it...and I am not surprised that mat sallehs might use it as well, since now they are picking up our "lahs".....

Besides used to describe coffee and beverages, kaw is also used for anything which is deemed "hit him kaw kaw"...which means, give him a really good punch....somehow the kaw terms just stuck to our everyday vocab...

Another familiar term used is "O"...which is without milk....again, the origins of this terms is a mystery - and ONLY kopitiams understand it. U certainly can't walk into Starbucks and tell them "I want a frappucino kaw please"...... O.o'''???? Uh - huh, you will see the waiter with his expression like this....hahahahaha!!!! Try to use it in overseas - I love their expression! >.<

Yup - that is the beauty of Malaysia language, we like to mix malay, english, chinese and tamil into our everyday vocab - like rojak, like turns out just nice and kaw!

In appreciation of our Merdeka celebrations, lets make this year a kaw kaw one!!!
Selamat Hari Merdeka!!!

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