Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Home away from home...........

"Houston - we have a problem........"

This was the normal phrase uttered and heard from cartoons, from movies, especially from astronauts - I have no idea why...well for some reason, that line got stuck in my head and lo and behold, I know where Houston is from that phrase....but I never imagined myself coming to Houston for real......sounds exciting - yes I am excited....but wait, a quick check at the flight times.................29 hours!!!????!!!!


That is all I can say for 29 hours of flight time, you must be joking....but then Singapore airlines did an excellent job! Extremely good service from the ladies and men, d pilots were great at landing as well, I didn't feel any bumps at all....not bad for a Boeing 777! ^o^

After a grueling 29 hours, and 3 movies and I don't remember how many meals...I lost all track of time and day....I finally reached Houston......WOW!!! I never imagined Houston had so many green and trees! From the pictures, it looked like a huge city with tall buildings but here d tallest building is my hotel? Oh OK, I am at the north side so here is all d greenery......nice! =)

This is my fourth day here and still I dilligently wake up at the middle of night and stare into space - counting airplanes....jet lag - go away pls!!! O.o I don't wanna sleep in class again...this is not what I bargained 29 hours for....

Everything in Houston is BIG, the road is BIG, every building is so far from each other, d cars n trucks r big (think Optimus Prime), the bed is big, up to my waist! - have to climb the giant bed every night, the ppl r big (which makes me feel small).....the food portion especially is BIG BIG BIIIIIGGGGGGGG!!!!

Stay here any longer and I will grow horizontally very well O.o'''

Weather is hot but not as hot as I imagined it to be - according to locals, d peak has just passed - Thank God! But still its burning....and I have to dice with traffic every evening to grab my dinner....ah so this is the american street - but wait, 1,2,3 lanes??? 3 lanes??? on each side - which brings the total to 6 lanes! and the americans still call this a street - so i assume their highway is 10 lanes??? Holy $&*@~
Grab ur balls and run!!!!!

Houston will be my home away from home.......minus the jet lag pls....

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