Saturday, April 3, 2010

Funny Crowd

I really dread flying, somehow I just hate the smell of airplanes...they make me sick..nausea, paranoid... you get the picture. so when my boss ask me to go to Dubai for a 2 weeks training....well I am not entirely excited...because I am travelling alone to a country which i have entirely no idea of! my geography is lousy, thank you....I used to think Brisbane is in Europe - yeah , start laughing....

But I didn't have a choice so I had to go....on 3rd of April, (today), I woke up extra early coz my flight is an early one. My husband fetch me there....and we were 2 hours early...surely we have to fill our tummys up with McD before we set sail for a country which is ???? km from KL?

Damn, time sure pass fast at the airport...soon I have to I embark on my thousand step journey, I have to begin with a first step..which is to the escalator and BEYOND!!!! But of course sebelum itu, kena la bye 3,4 kali to my dearly beloved...even sampai the customs counter still nak strain out the neck to manage a few extra waves before I set off....

I was just here last month, (I was in Korea), so I somehow knew the airport pretty well now....The aerotrain fucked up and we got literally stranded there for about 10 minutes, and during that time the doors kept opening and closing....fuck, more ppl jammed in....and yeah my ass got squashed by another man's behind....hey please get your behind away from my ass. The more I avoid him the more he squashed over...idiots!!!! STOP MOVING AROUND!!!! its already so cramped!

I HATE PACKED TRANSPORTATION!!!!!!!!! Especially ppl who squeeze in, hello - if you know thr's no more space then why do you still wanna come in? morons!!!

I have about 20 minutes to dash over to gate C22 to board the plane...once thr I noticed such a colourful ensemble of crowd....i see black, i see red, i see white, i see yellow..and i think to myself...what a wonderful world!!!..hahahaha!!!!!


On board i was seriously bored out my i checked out their movies....hey they got AVATAR!!!!

since i missed it d last yr so i guess this is my chance to catch on what the hype is all about....d starting part is kinda dull, drab and boring...we're at the military base - sorry, no offense but i find no excitement in bloodlust meaningless killings to get dat metal which sells for 20 MM per kg...

Moving on towards the storyline, I am more attracted to the Na'vis...they are so colourful, so rich, so much more advanced than us!!! Imagine having to never, NEVER, NEVER EVER refuel your car (you got a horse), your plane ( you got d birds), and u get your wishes answered as well! (the spiritual tree)...AMAZING!!! they can download data using their hair cool - I WANT ONE!!!!

Pandora is so colourful and lively through the Na'vi's essence, there is not much of a storyline - if you ask me, it really reminds me of Pocahontas being given the James Cameron touch.. but the graphics of Pandora's forest really BLEW MY MIND AWAY....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The ending is typical, the bad guys die...the good guys live - I like these type of typical endings....I am a typical audience =)

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