Saturday, December 26, 2009

Square One

It's back to square one. And I thought that I would be moving on without drugs anymore...tiew 7! I still gotta resume to it...damn!

150-400 * 10^9/L seems so far away...sigh~

The last results were great...88 * 10^9/L. I know I will never hit the 150 mark. But as long as I am within the vicinity of 70-80, I am safe to move around. Shit, I should have watch out for the tell tale signs of minor bleeding...

Yesterday the result was 36~!!

If the number dips any lower, I am in deep shit! I may have to switch to another less stressful job. Or maybe just work from home.

36...I still have allowance of about 20? Last year when I admitted, I had 14 I suppose that is the danger zone...the next check up is 23 January 2010....a week after that I am getting married....if the doctor find the numbers as dangerous and confine me to my room... NO!!!!!

How am I suppose to sneak out from the room, grab a cab to get marry and sneak back to the hospital - unnoticed? T_T

Sigh, after a year I thought I can live a normal life, but it looks like the storm is yet to be over...

Let's wait and see the outcome of 23 Jan 2010...but no matter what, I will make it out by 29 Jan =)

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