Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Cameron's Celebration

I always walk away from work, school, well mainly stress on my birthday so this year makes no difference...I guess this habit sprang when I was still in school...

That's coz in school, its always holidays before my birthdays so I never did go to school on my birthday. At work, I take annual leave on that day =) Last year I was out and about, this year I am up at Cameron~~ with someone who is very dear to me =D

We got a room in Equatorial and settled for three days two nights...its was a very nice hotel and the food they served was top of this world---very fresh and delicious! The seafood was absolutely incredible! What I loved most was the fresh strawberry milkshake!! Mama MIA~!

After dinner we stumbled upon a pool table...table for two? Bring it on!! For RM 5 - you get to play a game of pool...but considering that we were never pool "kaki" we spent more than half an hour trying to get all the balls into the holes! By the last ball, we played cheat and just place the white ball wherever we like because the last ball just WON'T enter the hole! GOD DAMN IT!!!

But it was real fun to cheat! *even then we took quite a few times before it finally entered!*

After the beef steak and fish fillet have settled down, its time to cut the cake! =)

Two less lonely persons in the room celebrating a small, low key celebration.....with only one candle and one person singing - even the whole world could not match the voice of a million divas...That person is my best friend, my colleague, my husband-to-be =D

By tomorrow morning, we are going to be back at stress land - but for now, let's just enjoy the sweetness of strawberries + chocolate....mmmhhhh~~~!!!

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  1. It's good to hear that you are enjoying your life! Keep it up! Life is full of challenges but don't forget if you have a support, it's full of fun =D