Sunday, October 25, 2009

Wave Run @ UPM

25 Oct 09 was the day for Wave Run at god - I never imagined myself running in a race other than forced by my school for jogathon way back when I was 16. I took almost 3 hours to complete a 5 km route!

The Wave Run was 11 km...when I registered, the lady told me it was 10 km...Imagine how I felt when I knew that I had to pump in an extra km! O.o'''

The race was off early so I had to wake up at 530am...we need to flag off at 730am - so better be punctual. Luckily it was at UPM, so I don't need to rush much...only 20 minutes from my house. My goodness, I thought that 6am was early, the place was already packed by then! We had to park by the road and walk to the stadium...I never knew there were soooooooo many health freaks in KL!

I was getting a bit fidgety by 7am coz there was just so many people and they all looked so "pro"...I don't even know if I can complete the race within the 1.5 hours which they stated as qualifying time...well, I did train for this in the past few months....but 11 km???

Anyway, by 730am the race was flagged was cool to see a sea of yellow troding the marked yellow ants slowing climbing up the hill...after proding about 3 km, imagine my horror when I saw an Ang moh lang jogging at the opposite lane....OMG!!! He has already finished!!! And he's heading back to the stadium! Its only been 30 minutes and he has completed the track! O.o'''


This CANNOT be true!!

Anyway, after jogging like lungs are like bursting and although I had my walkman on, I still feel like there's no mouth is dry and my body is overheating. I seriously need water....just when I feel like pulling out the white flag....Ah! The mark for 5 km....drinks station!

God bless water never tasted so sweet like this!

Another 6 km to go before I can celebrate....6? 6 KM????

My legs are already so damn sour and painful by then...but I cant stop because if I do, my head feels like bursting and my shoulders are overheating....all the blood is rushing to my I have to force myself to pump on....such irony, such dilemma....T_T

By the last 2 km, slight drizzle was falling....oh God, Where is the finishing line???

Another last hill to climb before we can reach the stadium again....but I had to walk as my tummy is having cramps....but when I crossed the gates, I had to jog to cross the line...I must finish in style!!!

"Combine all the remaining power within myself and JOG UR ASS OFF!!!!!"

......At long last, I finally felt how it feels to cross the finishing line - feels GOOD!!! With the cameras and people cheering you on...NICE! And I got myself a goodie bad and cert as well...

Well, 11 km is not that bad...You just need to concentrate and DO NOT STOP!
My time? 1 hour and 15 minutes - Pretty cool, huh?

Next year, we aim for the medal! =)

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